Who are the Hackney Fixers?

The Hackney Fixers are a group of volunteers who give their time to help people repair broken electronics and applicances. This joint project of Sustainable Hackney and Hackney and Tower Hamlets Friends of the Earth, inspired by the Restart Project, was set up in November 2013. Since then there have been 20 events - Restart Parties, workshops for women and young people, and last November the Big Fix, Hackney's first festival of fixing.

Contact the Hackney Fixers at: info@hackneyfixers.org.uk

What are Restart Parties?

Restart Parties are community events at which you can get your old laptops, printers, toasters, mobiles and all manner of electronic items fixed for free. An important aspect of the event is that people don't just have things repaired, they also learn something about how their electronics work, and hopefully how to fix them themselves next time they break down. Restart Parties are run every month or two on Saturdays at locations around Hackney - take a look at our Events page to find out when the next ones is coming up!

Why are we concerned about electronic waste?

Rapid technology innovation and ever-shortening product lifespans mean electronic waste is a fast-growing environmental issue. Every year an estimated 2 million tonnes of WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) is discarded by householders and companies in the UK, and too much ends up in landfill where it can be hazardous. Restart parties aim to help people use their electronic items for longer, reducing waste, encouraging more sustainable lifestyles, and showing there are alternatives to our throw-away culture.


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