For more than 30 years Friends of the Earth Hackney and Tower Hamlets has been campaigning for a greener, safer, healthier environment in London, and further afield.


Made up entirely of volunteers, we encourage everyone to get involved with what we do, with however much or little time you have. Whether you have an interest in a local environmental issue, you want to do more locally to tackle climate change or you just want to find out more, you'll be very welcome!


People with specific jobs...

The group wouldn't function without some people doing some specific jobs, here's more about them and how you can contact them.


Deborah Borg Brincat
Our coordinator

Kate Hand
Our treasurer and Clean Air lead

                                                                      Vacant                  Our membership secretary








                 Our membership secretary

Contact the team


Campaign leads

Friederike Hanisch
Hackney Fixers






Bee Cause


Adam Schneider
Divest Tower Hamlets