Friends of the Earth Hackney and Tower Hamlets is a group of volunteers, committed to campaigning on local, national and global environmental issues which affect us all.

Our response to Tower Hamlets' new draft Local Plan

A Local Plan is a vital set of policies produced by every local authority, setting out how they will manage all development. They have a huge impact on the environment now and into the future: it's likely that developments built in the next 15 years will still be in place in 50-100 years! The Local Plan sets out the standards for buildings, their location, and how they should contribute to e.g. renewable energy, air quality and sustainable transport.

Tower Hamlets have been consulting on their new draft Local Plan, which will be in force until 2031. The consultation closed on 02 January 2017, and we have submitted a detailed response which you can read here. We call for the strengthening of policies around carbon emissions, air quality, biodiversity, and which will deliver healthy and safe living environments for future generations in the borough.

There will be further opportunities to contribute to the Local Plan before it is finalised later this year. Get in touch if you've like to get involved!

Divestment presentation to the Tower Hamlets Pensions Committee!

On Wed 7th December 2016 we presented to the Pensions Committee of Tower Hamlets Council on the environmental and financial case for divesting the £91 million the pension fund currently has invested in fossil fuel company stocks.

This is a key first step on the journey to divestment! You can see a copy of our presentation here and to stay updated on our campaign see our Divest Tower Hamlets page by clicking on the link below.


Bee cause

Britain's bees are declining, and we need them! Help us to protect bees through local action and political lobbying.

Air pollution

Air pollution is a huge issue, and affects the poorest worst. We're campaigning for cleaner air in Tower Hamlets.


Climate change is the greatest threat we face. We're pressing for Tower Hamlets to divest its pension fund from fossil fuels.


Together with Sustainable Hackney we run Hackney Fixers, who run events to help people get their electronics fixed for free.